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What is the average lifespan of a refrigerator?

Tri-City Appliance repair services all of Greater Cincinnati’s appliance repair needs. We operate within a 40 mile radius of Mason. Whether we’re fixing a refrigerator in Middletown, or repairing a water heater in Fairfield one question we’re asked time and time again is “How long should my appliance last?”. Continue Reading

How to Fix A Leaky Outdoor Faucet

A leaking outdoor faucet can quickly drive up the water bill for your Cincinnati home. Leaking outdoor faucets can also cause serious damage in the winter if your pipes freeze. Luckily, outdoor faucet leaks are usually relatively easy to fix.  In this post, we’re going to cover two of the most common causes of outdoor faucets leaks.  Most outdoor faucet leaks occur either in the spout or the handle. Continue Reading

Donating Used Appliances in Cincinnati

Are you planning on replacing an appliance in your Cincinnati home? Consider donating your used appliances to one of our community’s great non-profit organizations.  Donating a used appliance can help a family in need, helps reduce waste in our local landfills, and may even be tax deductible. Continue Reading

Clogged Kitchen Sink? How to Plunge a Double Basin Sink

A clogged sink drain is a pain, but thankfully is usually quite easy to fix.  When your double-sided sink is clogged, plunging should be your first course of action. The pressure formed by plunging a sink, forces the clog to move, allowing water to freely flow through your pipes. Continue Reading

10 Tips for Child Safety in the Kitchen

For many Cincinnati home owners, the kitchen is their favorite room in the house. But kitchens are also full of potential hazards for small children. We’ve put together this list of ten tips for child safety in the kitchen to help keep your kids safe. Continue Reading

5 Quick Fixes for Bad Tasting Ice

If you’re like me, you love your refrigerator’s ice maker. The once arduous task of preparing a glass of ice, now only takes a few seconds. But whether you’re into crushed or cubed ice – bad tasting ice from your ice maker is never cool. We’ve outline some of the possible causes of and solutions for an ice maker that is producing bad tasting ice.  Continue Reading

Samsung’s New Washing Machine Has a Built-in Sink

Household appliances large and small were on display at this year’s consumer electronic show in Las Vegas which ended last week.  And while there were a plethora of smart appliances that were truly innovative, there were a few that caught our eye. One in particular, was Samsung’s new washer which includes a built-in sink for pre-washing your clothes. Continue Reading

How to Winterize a Washing Machine

It’s the first big snow of the 2015 season in Cincinnati Ohio, many of the local schools are one delay and the sounds of the salt trucks are humming on the streets of Mason.  It’s the time of year, for many Cincy residents to start Winterizing their appliances. Continue Reading

What’s the Best Temperature for Your Water Heater?

Recently while repairing a water heater in a West Chester home, we were asked by the homeowner about the best temperature for a domestic water heater. It’s a question we hear a lot, with a surprisingly complicated answer.  Continue Reading

LG’s New Appliances Can Communicate via Texts

First showcased at CES 2014, LG has began releasing it’s next generation of smart appliances. LG HomeChat allows users to communicate with all of their LG appliances with the popular free mobile messenger, ‘LINE’. Achieving a whole new level of convenience and allowing users to control all of their appliances from a single device, the new line from LG features a refrigerator that can you text you how many beers are in the fridge, and washing machine that you can send a text to when you’re running late to adjust the start time of your laundry.  Continue Reading

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