Angiest List Gives Advice on When to Repair and When to Replace

repairing or replacing my broken appliances, which is better?

When to Repair and When to Replace
Many Cincinnati area homeowners struggle with deciding when to repair and when to replace a broken appliance.  Too many homeowners are shelling out major dollars for shiny new appliances when they could have repaired their existing refrigerators, dishwashers,  oven, washer or dryer. Repairing an appliance can extend it’s life for years – saving you money, time and hassle. 

Global electronic waste in 2014 worth 52 billion

The amount of electronic waste generated in the year 2014 is said to be worth nearly 52 billion dollars. About 60% of this waste is from common household appliances.  The amount of electronic waste,  contained an estimated 16,500 kilotons of iron, 1,900 kilotons of copper, 300 tons of gold, and ample supplies of silver, aluminum and other valuable resources. “Worldwide, e-waste constitutes a valuable ‘urban mine’ — a large potential reservoir of recyclable materials. At the same time, the hazardous content of e-waste constitutes a ‘toxic mine’ that must be managed with extreme care,” United Nations Under-Secretary-General David Malone, Rector of United Nations University, said. Continue Reading

Washing Machines That Order Detergent From Amazon

When Amazon announced a button that could be used to reorder your toilet paper right from your bathroom, the second you notice you are running low on April 1st 2015, many consumer’s thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Humorous as the idea may be, it was no joke. Amazon is continuing to roll out it’s dash button pilot program that allows customers to reorder common items with the push of a single button.  Continue Reading

Donating Used Appliances in Cincinnati

Are you planning on replacing an appliance in your Cincinnati home? Consider donating your used appliances to one of our community’s great non-profit organizations.  Donating a used appliance can help a family in need, helps reduce waste in our local landfills, and may even be tax deductible. Continue Reading

LG’s New Appliances Can Communicate via Texts

First showcased at CES 2014, LG has began releasing it’s next generation of smart appliances. LG HomeChat allows users to communicate with all of their LG appliances with the popular free mobile messenger, ‘LINE’. Achieving a whole new level of convenience and allowing users to control all of their appliances from a single device, the new line from LG features a refrigerator that can you text you how many beers are in the fridge, and washing machine that you can send a text to when you’re running late to adjust the start time of your laundry.  Continue Reading

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