Month: January 2015

5 Quick Fixes for Bad Tasting Ice

If you’re like me, you love your refrigerator’s ice maker. The once arduous task of preparing a glass of ice, now only takes a few seconds. But whether you’re into crushed or cubed ice – bad tasting ice from your ice maker is never cool. We’ve outline some of the possible causes of and solutions for an ice maker that is producing bad tasting ice.  Continue Reading

Samsung’s New Washing Machine Has a Built-in Sink

Household appliances large and small were on display at this year’s consumer electronic show in Las Vegas which ended last week.  And while there were a plethora of smart appliances that were truly innovative, there were a few that caught our eye. One in particular, was Samsung’s new washer which includes a built-in sink for pre-washing your clothes. Continue Reading

How to Winterize a Washing Machine

It’s the first big snow of the 2015 season in Cincinnati Ohio, many of the local schools are one delay and the sounds of the salt trucks are humming on the streets of Mason.  It’s the time of year, for many Cincy residents to start Winterizing their appliances. Continue Reading

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