Washer and Dryer Repair

Are you tall enough for Consumer’s Reports Top Rated Washing Machine?

Have you ever thought you might need a fishing pole or a pair of tongs to do your family’s wash? Consumer Reports has been receiving Feedback from their readers, that their top rated washing machine – a top loader by LG – may be too big for some shorter consumers. Washing machine’s in recent years have been trending towards getting bigger and bigger, which poses a new problem: are you tall enough to do your laundry? Continue Reading

How to Winterize a Washing Machine

It’s the first big snow of the 2015 season in Cincinnati Ohio, many of the local schools are one delay and the sounds of the salt trucks are humming on the streets of Mason.  It’s the time of year, for many Cincy residents to start Winterizing their appliances. Continue Reading

Keeping Your Dryer Running Efficiently and Safely

When we think about dryer maintenance, most of us just clean out the lint filter and call it a day. But if you really want you dryer to run efficiently, and more importantly, safely, doing a quick deep cleaning once or twice a year is a must Continue Reading

Mold and Mildew Problems in Front Loading Washers

Most Cincinnati homeowners are thrilled with their front loading washing machines. They use less energy than top loading machines, and save money through their high efficiency. While there are many benefits to a front loading washing machine, their tightly sealed doors and water efficiency can make them prime breeding grounds for odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew.  Continue Reading

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