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Are you tall enough for Consumer’s Reports Top Rated Washing Machine?

Have you ever thought you might need a fishing pole or a pair of tongs to do your family’s wash? Consumer Reports has been receiving Feedback from their readers, that their top rated washing machine – a top loader by LG – may be too big for some shorter consumers. Washing machine’s in recent years have been trending towards getting bigger and bigger, which poses a new problem: are you tall enough to do your laundry?

Watch the video to see what it’s like to grab the laundry from a large top loader for a Consumer Reports employee who is 4’10”. Her solution: to grab a pair of tongs. Clearly this is not ideal. The takeaway? Before purchasing a washing machine or dryer, test what it will be like to have to grab your clothes from the bottom of the machine. Sometime’s bigger is not better.

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