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Oven Hacks for Even Baking

It’s time for the Holidays in Cincinnati and for many homes that means cooking large dinners and baking seasonal treats. In today’s posts, we’re highlighting a great hack for your oven from the book “Cooking for Geeks –  Real Science, Great Hacks, and Good Food”  by Jeff Potter.  Jeff’s book is genius and full of great tips, but one that caught my eye was his tip on using a pizza stone to improve your oven’s recovery time and even out the heat. Jeff suggests that by placing a pizza stone on the bottom shelf of your stove, you’re able to improve your oven’s recovery time after opening the door and further the stone acts as a diffuser between the heating element and your baking tray.  Continue Reading

Futuristic Appliances: Whirlpool® Introduces Interactive Cooktop at CES 2014

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) takes place every year in Las Vegas, Nevada and  showcases breakthroughs and innovations in consumer electronics and appliances. This year Whirlpool® is creating a huge stir with their interactive cooktop. The Whirlpool Interactive cooktop is a concept design that showcases what cooking may be like in the future. Right from their cooktop, the user is able to send text messages, browse social media, view recipes, and even see an inventory of items available in their pantry. Talk about multitasking! Continue Reading

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