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3 Tips for Getting Your Appliances Ready For Winter

Fall is here in Mason, OH and though it’s been unseasonably warm – winter is coming. Check out the tips below to start getting your appliances winter ready.

Dryers – now is the perfect time to check that your dryer vents are free of lint clogs.  Clogged dryer vents are the number one cause of dryer fires and this is especially true when it’s cold outside and the head is running inside.  Check out our article on keeping your dryer running safely  and give us a call if if time’s for a cleaning.  While you’re at be sure to check that you’re dryer vent screens are intact. Mice and other critters will be looking for a warm home for winter and an unscreened dryer vent is the perfect invitation.

Ovens –  be sure to check that the thermostat on your oven is working properly.  Nothing ruins a Thanksgiving quite like a frozen Turkey and an overcooked dessert.  Check out the video below for more information on testing your oven temperature sensor.

Outdoor Refrigerators – Do you keep an extra refrigerator outdoors?  As it begins to get cold outside, outdoor refrigerators should be unplugged. When the temperature drops, the water and ice lines of a refrigerator can freeze up causing your refrigerator to heat up! While you’re unplugging things, make sure you’ve disconnected any hoses still attached to outdoor faucets as this is a sure fire way to get frozen pipes!

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