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Is your Ice Maker Ready for Spring?

Spring is finally here in Cincinnati! The flowering trees are starting to bloom and the afternoons are warm enough to inspire an ice cold drink. Remember to check and or change the filter for your refrigerator’s ice maker and water spout. Water filters should generally be changed at least every 6 months. For most models of refrigerators , you’ll be able to find the specific filter needed on a sticker inside the door. If you’re having trouble finding which filter you need you can just Google your refrigerator’s models number with the phrase “water filter” and a variety of results will lead you in the right direction. 

Want to spruce up the ice in your life? I was recently watching a TV show where they had a great idea for making giant ice cubes by using a muffin pan. These big cubes will melt much slower if you’re outside and enjoying a nice glass of lemonade. These giant cubes are great for parties and cookouts. Consider making several batches and storing them in a plastic bag in your freezer.

Have you ever noticed that ice cubes in nice restaurants are perfectly clear, while yours at home are cloudy and opaque? Check out this video from How Cast on how to make crystal clear ice cubes right from home.

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