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The Average Lifespan of a Dishwasher

We’re continuing today with our exploration of the average lifespan of household appliances, specifically dishwasher.   Knowing how long your dishwasher should last can be helpful information when determining whether you should repair or replace your dishwasher if your current unit is broken or malfunctioning. So what is the average lifespan of a household dishwasher?

The lifetime of a dishwasher is typically between 7 and 12 years – with the average dishwasher lasting about 10 years.  Many factors can affect how long your dishwasher will last including brand, model, price, and water quality.  More expensive dishwasher may not last any longer than cheaper models, as the more features / electronics / gadgets your dishwasher has, the more chance there is for something to go wrong.

When determining whether to repair or replace your current dishwasher, it can be helpful to keep in mind the general rule of thumb outlined by consumer reports: If the cost of repairing your current dishwasher is more than half the price of buying a new one then it is likely best to buy a new model.  Other factors to consider include that newer models may save money on energy and water usage.

Tips for extending the lifetime of your dishwasher:

  • Flush out the garbage disposal – most dishwashers in Cincinnati homes drain into the garbage disposal. Running the garbage disposal before running a load of dirty dishes can help reduce the strain on your dishwashers pump and and helps to keep the drain tube free of debris.
  • Routinely check the spinning arms – if the spinning arms of your dishwasher appear dirty or covered in food debris, clean them off for optimum water movement.
  • Keep the inside of your dishwasher clean – consider using a commercial dishwasher cleaner or running an empty cycle with vinegar to keep the inside of your dishwasher sparkling clean.
  • Rinse dishes before loading them into your dishwasher – though your dishwasher includes a food disposal system  thoroughly rinsing all dishes before running the cycle will help to make sure that your dishes come out clean and will help keep your dishwasher running smoothly.
  • Regularly use your dishwasher – regular use of your dishwasher helps to clear build up of food debris and will keep things draining smoothly.
  • Load it correctly – follow the tips in your dishwasher’s manual for proper loading of dishes. Your dishes will come out cleaner and your dishwasher will last longer!
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