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Samsung’s Innovative WaterWall Dishwasher Technology

Tired of pulling dirty dishes out of your freshly ran dishwasher? For over 40 years traditional dishwashers have all utilized the same circular water motion to clean dishes. This circular approach is incapable of reaching every  area of your dishwasher, and the result is, as I’m sure you’ve seen, not all of your dishes get cleaned after running your dishwasher.

Samsung’s innovative new WaterWall technology seeks to change that, by using a lateral water movement to go back in fourth inside your dishwasher, achieving a 100% coverage area and a professional quality clean. The high pressured jets in the dishwasher reach every area of the dishwasher and can be set to blast with more pressure on either side. This allows you to place more heavily soiled dishes, like pots and pans on one side, to receive an extra boost of power during the washing cycle.

Samsung is quickly becoming known as one of the most technologically advanced names in household appliances, and this dishwasher is a great example of why. Check out the video for a demonstration of the WaterWall technology and remember you can always call on us for all of your Samsung Appliance Repair needs.


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